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XPY captain reflects on crypto, calls all of it a scam that nobody of normal intelligence would touch, proceeds to say he purchased a bitcoin last night because the price dropped

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Dont dump you bitcoins, paycoins(xpy)! Double them, triple double them! This site is has over 5600+ payouts. Check block explorers!

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What’s Your Favorite Butter Story?

Thought we could share our favorite stories here given 10+ years of material.
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Criminal Extradited from Cyprus for Allegedly Stealing Bitcoin (current BTC/USD price is $9,160.06)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Criminal Extradited from Cyprus for Allegedly Stealing Bitcoin
Other Related Bitcoin Topics:
Bitcoin Price | Bitcoin Mining | Blockchain
The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools.
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GAW Cloud Mining Disabled

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7th highest Paycoin hodler posts advertisement to sell entire account

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Paycoin scales the top of shit mountain and emerges as winner of the scam coin of the year - Crashing to nothing it now hovers around $1.89 per coin - only $18.11 below GAWs predicition

Paycoin scales the top of shit mountain and emerges as winner of the scam coin of the year - Crashing to nothing it now hovers around $1.89 per coin - only $18.11 below GAWs predicition submitted by AnalyzerX7 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

At its peak, PayCoin's market cap was $162m. As of today, the market cap is $745,328. Bagholders have lost more than $160m. SFYL.

At its peak, PayCoin's market cap was $162m. As of today, the market cap is $745,328. Bagholders have lost more than $160m. SFYL. submitted by F21Global to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

Huge news for PayCoin as guy that sometimes sells eggs in his front yard now accepts XPY. Bonus: one person actually tries and it doesn't work

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#BetTronLive On TRON Network

#BetTronLive On TRON Network

#BetTronLive is based on the TRON network - one of the largest blockchain- based operating systems for global entertainment platforms running DApps in the TRON ecosystem.

BetTronLive, a new blockchain-based online gaming platform that integrates live dealer casino games with new DApp gaming trends in the world.
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XPY user faces medical bills, wants to sell. Faithful: "Now, we cannot have that can we…"

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Video #3 for Creating Apps for Metanet

Instead of paying money for Team NChain's poorly thought-out Metanet page, you can just watch my how-to videos on creating Metanet apps. My channel is free. After learning from team NChain's resources I guarantee you will be no closer to learning how to create businesses that utilize Metanet. After watching my videos you will be able to create apps of your own for profit. The choice is obvious, don't get caught up in the circle-jerk, fight for yourself and Bitcoin, not for NChain and CSW. This only video number 3, I'll need around 10 before you can create apps, but I start at program installation so anybody can follow along regardless of whether you've ever coded before or not.
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Chief XPY shill MrCoins says it's time to get out

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GAW Miners - Liars, Frauds - A brief recap of what we know.

EDIT: I was asked by a GAW staff member to compile a list of questions the community has with/about GAW, Paybase, etc. Please provide any questions you have below and I'll have them forwarded
EDIT 2: It seems Josh is working on answering the questions I've asked and compiled. We'll see what happens when answers are released.
Hello, in the midst of this public uprising against GAW I'd like to present some facts for those of you who either:
a. Don't know who/what "GAW" is and why they're a scam,
b. Are brainwashed by Garza; those of you who genuinely believe in Paycoin and GAW Miners,
c. Don't quite have all of the information.
Note that I don't have every possible snippet of information out there, I'll just bring up some of the main points and complaints.
Ten months ago Garza was first introduced to the Bitcoin community in this post and this post.. From these posts we learn quite a bit of information regarding Garza's past; he offered false business deals to eBay sellers to partner with him. In the first article, we see that after he offered this couple "20% of his total profit" from his mining company and the couple asked for a reasonable counter-offer of $5k/month to pay their bills since they were unemployed, Garza filed a false Significantly Not As Described case on eBay, causing the couple to quite a bit of money and seriously affected their finances. The couple did some research about Garza and found this:
After looking at their old facebook profile, we saw that they were originally DirectTV salesman preying on small rural towns around New England offering people high-speed, internet and other telecom services that these people weren't able to get for whatever reason before. GAW was able to coerce MBI (Massachusetts Broadband Institute) to donate $40,000 to them for helping to bring services to everyone in the communities. Garza promised to build towers and other bullshit in these towns to help provide services, but they never did. At some point even when community leaders (one was David Kulp) repeatedly tried to get in touch with them, they never heard back.
So, it seems Garza has a knack for deceptive practices 'eh? Since the posts are so long and there's a lot to discuss, I'll let you read them and formulate your opinion on Garza. (Thanks to DidHeJust for the links to those threads).
-Early Phases
Originally, GAW showed NO proof of mining at all (not an address, block, pictures of mining hardware, pool usernames, nothing). Later on, during the Hashpoint 'mining' phase, he purchased 5 PH/s worth of mining equipment from Bitmaintech. For the short amount of time Paycoin was available for proof-of-work mining, there were tons of people renting mining rigs in order to get a cut of the "$20 Paycoins." Since the difficulty was fairly low, the prices per TH/s of these miners were very high, making it extremely easy to ROI on them. I'd be willing to bet that GAW rented out a lot of their hashpower for profit. They're currently selling the hardware they have left from this on
There was also a brief period of time where you were able to purchase hardware from GAW and have it point to a pool of your choosing; however, this didn't account for too large of a portion of the hashpower they claim to have sold.
GAW Miners owns a forum created them them, Hashtalk. This forum is heavily censored; if you attempt to inquire about some of GAW's deceptive practices, broken promises, or Paycoin design you'll either be outright banned or shadow banned (your account will remain useable to you, but nobody will be able to see any of your posts). This led to this uncensored discussion thread on Bitcointalk.
- Broken Promises
Promise 1: *"Always Profitable"**
GAW Miners claims that their Hashlets would always remain profitable and the $0.08 fee per MH/s would go down overtime. You know what GAW did instead? They kept their fees the same even when people were receiving only 1 satoshi. That's hardly profitable at all, as it's the minimum amount that they can really pay. So, they decided to move to mining Hashpoints for Paycoin (another broken promise, explained later).
Promise 2: *"Paycoin would launch with a $20 floor"**
This one is interesting. For the three months or so Hashpoint mining was available, Garza claimed that Paycoin would have a $20 floor (essentially that GAW would buy up any coin sold below $20 to keep the market place there or higher). Now, however, they've purged their censored forum of such claims so all that remains are screenshots as proof. Here's a few: and Paycoin was traded at about $20 for a very brief period of time, but since then it's been dropping steadily, trading at just above $6/ea currently. Garza has done nothing to rectify the situation since.
Promise 3: *Large merchant support on launch**
From this thread we see that Garza promises that:
That’s right, you will be able to shop with Paycoin on the Amazon, Target, Walmart, Macy*s and Best Buy’s online stores.
A journalism website,, contacted Amazon and the other companies claimed to be partnered with GAW. These companies all denied being affiliated with GAW, Amazon even threatened legal action if this continued. Once the article was published, the coinfire website was mysteriously hacked and the day after GAW threatened legal action. Read more about it here: and
-Censorship [Developing!!!]
At the moment GAW is taking down videos they've posted where they've made a certain "statement" on their mining.
Ah, Paycoin. An altcoin plagued by delays and broken promises. Originally set to launch at $20 per coin, falsely leading people into investing money into Hashpoint miners for profit. The things Josh is doing and has done to get people to use Paycoin are laughable, I'd consider it treason against the Bitcoin community. He purchased the domain for $1,000,000 only to have it redirect to Paybase. Fun stuff 'eh? He's also claimed that his coin would be better than Bitcoin, denouncing it in order to promote his own coin. From code snippets we've seen, Paycoin's "Prime Nodes," part of the PoS system to generate new coins, has the ability to generate coins at a 350% interest rate. These wallets/stakers/controllers/nodes are only able to be controlled by GAW, of course. The code:
int64 nSubsidy = 0; int64 nRewardCoinYear = 0; // creation amount per coin-year if (primeNodeRate == 0) nRewardCoinYear = 5 * CENT; else if (primeNodeRate == 10) nRewardCoinYear = 10 * CENT; else if (primeNodeRate == 20) nRewardCoinYear = 20 * CENT; else if (primeNodeRate == 100) nRewardCoinYear = 100 * CENT; else if (primeNodeRate == 350) nRewardCoinYear = 350 * CENT; nSubsidy = nCoinAge * nRewardCoinYear * 33 / (365 * 33 + 8); if (fDebug && GetBoolArg("-printcreation")) printf("GetProofOfStakeReward(): primeNodeRate=%d create=%s nCoinAge=%"PRI64d"\n", primeNodeRate, FormatMoney(nSubsidy).c_str(), nCoinAge); return nSubsidy; 
Paycoin started off as a coin with a 13,000,000 coin market cap, with two stages. A Proof of Work and Proof of Share. Check this out: - Garza claims that he "mined" for the 12,000,000 coins he gained, although block one was programmed to give him that much... hah!
Credits to for this;
Block 1. 12 million premine.
343,196 XPY mined during Proof of Work period.
343,196 - 56,889 = 286,307 XPY not mined by GAW Miners
12,343,196 XPY coins mined Total at the end of Proof of Work including pre-mine.
100 - (343196.0 / 12343196 * 100) = 97.22% Premined at the end of Proof of Work
It also seems like Garza stole the logo for Paycoin from If you compare it with what's on they're identical.
-Current and Recent Events
It's also known that there was a massive security/data breech during the Paybase launch, which allowed users to see other's balances and personal information which is being blamed on a "Cloudflare Caching Issue," however, that excuse makes very little sense.
Currently, people are having trouble withdrawing their Paycoins from Paybase, which GAW is blaming on Authy. Authy's services are functioning fine for all other services, which leads us to believe that it isn't Authy's fault.
When Hashtakers were sold, they would've only been really profitable at the $20 per Paycoin mark. With the current price people are losing money on their investment.
Note: This is somewhat unfinished and I'd like to hear feedback on what I should add and revise.
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GAW is a scam. Hashtalk is corrupt.

Hi /Bitcoin!
A few hours ago I was an avid Hashtalk user and GAW fanboy. As always, I was skeptical of GAW but I trusted them with my hard earned BTC.
I've lost a large amount of money investing in Paycoin. Investors of GAW were constantly lied to about a magic '20 dollar floor'.
Of course, that floor never happened. But Josh Garza being the 'sun god' that he is can't admit that. What's his excuse? Oh, wait. He did buy XPY for $20 dollars, for about 3 minutes...
Hashtalk is like a cult, I'll elaborate more on that later. His followers are always bragging about 'buying cheap XPY from dumpers' and trying to attract more innocent investors into their Ponzi scheme.
I decided to take matters into my own hands and see who's telling the truth about the Amazon partnership. After contacting Amazon, I was told that it would take a few days to get in touch with the specialist team.
I posted a screenshot on HashTalk of the chat and BOOM! I was shadow banned...
This is all coming from me, a previous fan of GAW. I can admit that information is being censored and its customers are being scammed. Please! Do not invest, I hope Josh never steps foot into any coin event, his company will destroy Crypto as we know it.
Reddit is my new home :)
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/r/bitcoin mod has sold out to the government shills at /r/buttcoin. Bitcoiners don't take the news kindly.

WhollyHemp is a senior /bitcoin mod and runs a business that accepts bitcoin directly for years. He has been documenting bitcoin sales for his company and sharing his findings with the community. Link.
Now we get to the juicy parts.
The news breaks out on /bitcoin. Bitcoiners became decentralized popcorn machines.
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I am out.

Up until a few hours I was firmly in GAW's camp with Paybase. I didn't invest that much, relatively, but I did trust that the price would go back up.
Well, the barrage of posts on the frontpage of /bitcoin dragged me out. All of my XPY is now BTC and is staying that way. I lost a good amount.
If you are still in XPY, GET OUT NOW before you lose even more!!
Thanks. And feel free to call me an idiot.
EDIT: If you are still buying into Paycoin and Paybase, think of this, it is this kind of thinking that got me out. With Paycoin, I have to trust that a single person and a single company will come through with extravagant and unlikely promises. A single person and company keep the coin from worthlessness.
With Bitcoin, who do I have to trust? NOBODY.
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The Truth About PayCoin

GAW CEO Josh Garza and his company have taken the crypto community by storm this month after their announcement of PayCoin. PayCoin (XPY) has made some headlines in the crypto community after what has been dubbed the most successful launch of an altcoin thus far.
Despite sky rocketing prices to upwards of $15 the Bitcoin community as a whole has seemed to have shunned this new self proclaimed revolutionary coin. Perhaps this is due to the mysterious nature in which Paycoin operates. Trying to gain a better understanding of this new currency I contacted XPY's creator GAW.
I have experience dealing with GAW. I purchased their Black Widow 14 Mh/s miner for a ridiculously high cost. By the time I received the hardware its price had already dropped +70% from the price I purchased it at. A lot of people lost money when buying hardware from GAW but of course GAW themselves made a killing profiting +150 M from selling the mining equipment. Proponents of XPY argue that this proves the Paycoin model has an enormous financial backing behind its development.
A grand marketing scheme paints Paycoin as the currency of the people; the currency of tomorrow. Speculation has been made solely off the fact that PayCoin has marketed itself as a currency which will be quickly adopted by the international community with ease.
PayCoin however is fundamentally different than BTC in many ways. Suspect of the whole entire operation I asked GAW what percentage of PayCoin were premined. The telephone operator told me they weren't premined they were prestaked. By that she means the currency's creators started off with their "self appointed fair share". Prestaked is a synonym for Premined. If the CEO Josh Garza decided to start himself off with say 75% of the PayCoin then he essentially just declared himself king.
We don't know the history of PayCoin there is no public ledger on a Blockchain. Its coin's entire existence seems to operate under a dark shadow of secrecy. GAW acts as the coin's creator and determiner of its fate.
PayCoin describes itself as a better alternative to Bitcoin, but is it? PayCoins are not mined like Bitcoins. They are minted, that means PayCoins are only created by generating interest. By purchasing what the company is calling hashlets one can use their system of cloud based mining to temporarily generate new coin. This is how more PayCoin are put into existence. Only GAW determines when they will sell more hashlets. So I must pay GAW to get their service they call Hashtakers which will allow you to mint new PayCoin. The more one examines this operation the more the it looks like a Ponzi scheme.
If CEO of GAW "prestaked" 10,000,000 PayCoin and sets the initial price of his currency at $20 (which is where he is placing his initial valuation) he has magically created 200 million dollars for himself and his company out of thin air. He then will only continue to make more money as users pay his company in order to put more Paycoin into existence through minting.
At every corner of the game GAW wins in this scenario, the more one begins to dissect PayCoin and the power structure behind it the more it seems like it is an elaborate scheme. After reviewing the source code many have come to the same conclusion that PayCoin is merely a clone of PeerCoin (PPC) a coin which offers fast transaction times yet has been declining in popularity in recent months. Is the recent rise of XPY just another pump and dump in the world of alt coins or is Paycoin here to stay?
Speculators have been taken back by the big engine behind the currency, however fail to see that PayCoin is different perhaps for all the wrong reasons.
PayCoin is controlled by a centralized ruling authority, the company GAW miners is its creator and ruler who rules from behind the curtain. I believe to be a viable crypto currency to the mainstream world one must gain acceptance from the crypto community that is already in existence. When the truth of how GAW dominates everything that is PayCoin comes to light it may be difficult to gain that acceptance.
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Why aren't we more excited about Ethereum? Looking for insight (article, quotes, links herein)

Have been reading up on Ethereum after seeing how ingeniously coded Pybitcointools (Vitalik's Bitcoin library) is (if you ever want to learn how Bitcoin really works under the hood start learning Python (2.7) and within a day you're coding fun material and learning too!)
Anyway, I'm curious why Ethereum is somewhat maligned in /Bitcoin. It seems to carry all the great functionality of Bitcoin forward and aligns very well with a decentralised web.
I'll pull some quotes from this Wired 2014 article and would be interested to hear why there's reservations about Ethereum (specifically Ethereum, I'm not interested in hearing about Altcoins, shitcoins, XRP, XPY, etc and Mastercoin/ColoredCoins are discussed in the article)
"(Vitalik Buterin) [D]ecided that bitcoin was going to be a much bigger deal than most people realized, he dropped out of university and started traveling the world, jumping from bitcoin meetup to bitcoin meetup and contributing to various open source projects. Ethereum is the result of all those conversations and software experiments."
"At its core, bitcoin is a way of reliably storing and moving digital objects or pieces of information. Today, it stores and moves money"
On smart contract functionality:
"A simple example is a betting system. Two people could place bets on, say, the outcome of the Super Bowl, entrusting a certain amount of digital currency to system. The system would then check the final score of the game via the web and distribute the funds appropriately. No bookie needed." (Given the Evolution trust issues this quote seems timely.)
Re: ColoredCoins, Mastercoin:
"“I saw really smart people whacking their heads against the wall at Colored Coins, and eventually, I realized people are having such a hard time not because the problem is hard,” he says. “The problem is easy. People are having a hard time because bitcoin is a bad protocol to build this stuff onto.”
Article LINK:
So, /Bitcoin..
If Ethereum
  1. ...offers solutions for smart contracts through a superior scripting language and implementation, making DNM exit scams a thing of the past
  2. about decentralised everything on the Web
  3. ...furthers the Bitcoin experiment by building on strengths (blockchain, decentralization) and learning from weaknesses
...why isn't everyone excited to see Ethereum persevere?!
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Check out Paycoin 2.0

ION is the worthy successor to Paycoin (XPY). Buy now, we want your Bitcoins!
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Bitcoin Sets Fresh 2018 Low at $3,200, Altcoins Plunge - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: December 15, 2018 at 12:04AM
Bitcoin Sets Fresh 2018 Low at $3,200, Altcoins Plunge
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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List of Today's and Tomorrow's Upcoming Events

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every day. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback.
Web | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal


Switcheo (SWH) - Listing on March 29, 2018
UCOT (UCT) - Listing on BitZ March 30, 2018
QLINK(QLC) Coinnest Listing March 30, 2018
Cryptocurrencies (CRYPTO) Sydney Bitcoin Conference March 29, 2018
Bitcoin(BTC) Bitcoin (BTC) - Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv March 29, 2018
Wings(WINGS) Blockchain & Bitcoin CON March 29, 2018
Wings(WINGS) Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv March 29, 2018
Bitcoin(BTC) CME: March Last Trade March 29, 2018
OmiseGO(OMG) Omisego (OMG) - Ethereum Community Fund March 29, 2018
Golem(GNT) Ethereum Community Fund March 29, 2018
Edgeless(EDG) Edgeless Platform Launch March 29, 2018
Edgeless(EDG) Launch Edgeless 1.0 March 29, 2018
Bread(BRD) Community AMA March 29, 2018
LIFE(LIFE) Life (LIFE) - Q&A Session March 29, 2018
Databits(DTB) Token Holder Alpha March 29, 2018
Databits(DTB) Alpha Testing Opens March 29, 2018
Russian Miner Coin(RMC) Stolypin Forum March 29, 2018
Bela(BELA) Swap March 29, 2018
Nebulas(NAS) Mainnet Launch March 29, 2018
QLINK(QLC) QLINK Trading Competition on Binance March 29, 2018
HEROcoin(PLAY) Prague Gaming Summit 2018 March 29, 2018
Selfkey(KEY) Community AMA March 29, 2018
Blockport(BPT) Blockport Beta Launch March 29, 2018
Alphacat(ACAT) Hotbit Alphacat Competition March 29, 2018
Credits(CS) Pre-Beta Version of The Platform March 29, 2018
Credits(CS) Platform Pre-Beta Release March 29, 2018
Insights Network(INSTAR) Partnership Announcement March 29, 2018
Banca(BANCA) Banca AMA March 29, 2018
Tether(USDT) Delisting from BitZ March 30, 2018
Ark(ARK) HackPrinceton Spring-2018 March 30, 2018
PIVX(PIVX) zPIV Will Be Deactivated March 30, 2018
Substratum(SUB) Product Update March 30, 2018
Aion(AION) Meet-up in Beijing March 30, 2018
ETHLend(LEND) Collateral Token Competition End March 30, 2018
CyberMiles(CMT) Live Broadcast March 30, 2018
ClearPoll(POLL) Forbes Article March 30, 2018
SportyFi(SPF) SportyCo (SPF) Platform Launch March 30, 2018
Eroscoin(ERO) New Website Design March 30, 2018
QLINK(QLC) Qlink (QLC) - QLC/KRW Pair on Coinnest March 30, 2018
QLINK(QLC) New Pair QLC/KRW on Connest March 30, 2018
Everus(EVR) BaaS Platform March 30, 2018
Zeepin(ZPT) Zeepin Community AMA March 30, 2018
Bitcoin White(BTW) Consensus Update March 30, 2018
Insights Network(INSTAR) Community AMA March 30, 2018
Ontology(ONT) Source Code on Github March 30, 2018
Flash(FLASH) Flash Community AMA in Discord March 30, 2018 4:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Bitcoin(BTC) CryptoConscious 2018 March 30, 2018 1:00 PM - April 2, 2018 11:59 PM
Ethereum(ETH) ETH CommunityFund Meeting March 29, 2018
ICON(ICX) Tokyo Meetup March 29, 2018
Aion(AION) Shanghai Meetup March 29, 2018
Iconomi(ICN) Managers Meetup in London March 29, 2018
ALIS(ALIS) ALIS (ALIS) ALIS San Francisco Meetup March 29, 2018
ALIS(ALIS) ALIS San Francisco Meetup, USA March 29, 2018
ALIS(ALIS) ALIS Silicon Valley Meetup, USA March 30, 2018 1:00 AM - 3:30 AM
SolarCoin(SLR) SPV Wallet March 29, 2018
indaHash(IDH) Coin Integration App March 29, 2018
Insights Network(INSTAR) Wallet V1 March 29, 2018
Insights Network(INSTAR) INSTAR Wallet Release March 29, 2018
Insights Network(INSTAR) INSTAR Wallet V1 Release March 29, 2018
Insights Network(INSTAR) Wallet/Website/Partners March 29, 2018
Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
ZenCash(ZEN) ZENCASH ($ZEN) MOBILE WALLET March 30, 2018
Neumark(NEU) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Sprouts(SPRTS) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Neutron(NTRN) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Unobtanium(UNO) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Xaurum(XAUR) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
UFO Coin(UFO) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
AudioCoin(ADC) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
MazaCoin(MZC) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Darcrus(DAR) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Megacoin(MEC) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Bata(BTA) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
FuelCoin(FC2) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
TeslaCoin(TES) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Digitalcoin(DGC) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
UltraCoin(UTC) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
MaxCoin(MAX) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
CannaCoin(CCN) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Titcoin(TIT) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Truckcoin(TRK) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Orbitcoin(ORB) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
SoonCoin(SOON) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
AmsterdamCoin(AMS) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
8Bit(8BIT) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
PayCoin(XPY) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Blakecoin(BLC) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
Sterlingcoin(SLG) Wallet Removing from Bittrex March 30, 2018
There are more events but this message got too long
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Spy Bitcoin Platform - Tired of Seeing Everybody Making ... Cryptocurrency PayCoin $XPY Soars 81% In the Past 24 Hours How to Claim Free Bitcoin Every 20 Minutes - YouTube Bitcoin - YouTube Inside MarketsX: Chinesischer Spy - Dax 13.000 - Bitcoin ...

Erhalte Kurs, Volumen, Kryptowährungsmarktkapitalisierung, Angebot, Börsen, Nachrichten und weitere wichtige Informationen zu Paycoin (XPY) zur Unterstützung ... PayCoin, XPY, was released on Dec 16th, 2014 and works free of a central bank. You can mine the PayCoin decentralized cryptocoin, which is done so using the SHA-256 algorithm along with the proof of stake (pos) consensus. Unsere The News Spy Erfahrung: App & Bitcoin Trading. Vorweg geht es den Tradern natürlich darum, dass sie sicher sein wollen, dass es sich um keinen Betrug handelt. Denn wer schon sein Geld investiert, damit hohe Gewinne eingefahren werden, will am Ende keine böse Überraschung erleben – also auf ein betrügerisches System reingefallen sein, sodass das Geld dann zu 100 Prozent weg ist. Senden Sie 5.000 EUR = 0,990364 BTC so schnell wie möglich an diese Bitcoin-Adresse. May 31, 2020 : sextortion [email protected] Hallo! Ich habe vollen Zugriff auf Ihr Gerät und beobachte Sie seit einigen Monaten. Tatsache ist, dass Sie über eine von Ihnen besuchte Website für Erwachsene mit Malware infiziert wurden. Wenn Sie damit nicht vertraut sind, werde ich erklären. Mit dem Trojaner ... In dem Artikel wird behauptet, dass Jauch über die Bitcoin-Handelsplattform "Bitcoin Revolution“ innerhalb kürzester Zeit viel Geld verdient hat.Die Idee soll ihm von einem „Wer wird ...

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Spy Bitcoin Platform - Tired of Seeing Everybody Making ...

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