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Just thought about something

Imagine some country fully adopted Bitcoin as its national currency (meaning the use it for government purposes and its citizens used it too). Could this country, in order to fuck up fiat nations, print some of paper money and throw into these other countries?
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The archipelago includes the tiny independent Principality of Pontinha (a), which today has bitcoin as its official currency. Ignatius Donnelly proposed it as one possible location for Atlantis. This followed soundings taken in the area at the end of the 19 th century, which suggested that there existed a submerged ridge linking the islands with the European mainland. Madeira is frequently ... Pontinhaball General information Government Constitutional Monarchy Language Portuguese Capital Forte São José Religion Roman Catholic Relations and opinions Friends Portugalball Enemies None Likes Bitcoin Is of importants Can into space? Não Status Alive ↓ November 30th, 2007 - Present Historical information Preceded by Portugalball V • E Micronations of Polandball Current Aerican ... The Principality of Pontinha is a micronation on an islet connected to Madeira Island, Portugal by a port. The fortified islet was proclaimed an independent principality in 2007 by Renato Barros, self-entitled as Prince Renato, the owner of the piece of land; the islet and its fort were property of the Portuguese state until king Carlos I of Portugal sold the islet on 9 October 1903 to the ... Bitcoin (Ƀ) b ( BTC) Tijdzone: UTC 0 • De zomer ( DST) UTC +1 : Datumnotatie: dd / mm / yyyy: HDI gebruikte waarde is die berekend voor de Madera autonome regio. Het vorstendom Pontinha is een tongue-in-cheek micronation op een eilandje verbonden met het eiland Madeira, Portugal door een poort. De versterkte eilandje werd uitgeroepen tot een onafhankelijke vorstendom in 2007 door Renato ... Principality of Pontinha. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

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