[Q] How's bitskins cashing out / money withdrawal system ...

List of approved beermoney sites


ways to earn include

Surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and other misc task such as clipping coupons and purchasing items
cash out options include
bitcoin cash
Minimum cash out is 25 cents and can be higher depending on what you cash out through. Cash outs take 15 minutes to 3 hours before your verified. Once your verified you will receive funds imediately

gamer mine

Ways to earn include

Surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and other misc task such as clipping coupons and purchasing items and playing steam games with there url in your display name on steam
cash out options include
bitcoin cash
OP skins


GG2U is unique because you earn video points from Hideout.tv which is how you would earn through videos, before you can start earning through hideout you have to create a account there and link gg2u. Once you earn 200 videos, which takes about a day, you get to spin a wheel for a prize for 1-7 dollars
Surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and other misc task such as clipping coupons and purchasing items
cash out options include
Egift card for multiple stores

More to be added soon post still a work in progress

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The Cure I Found

One summer day I walked into a doctor office and got a script for 120x 80mg OxyContin....
At the time I had a wife (my high school sweetheart) and we were getting used to being parents to our son who was 2 years old at the time. I first started doing opiates recreationally when I was 15. Almost 20 years ago. That, along with anything else I could get my hands on. And for a very long time, the bouncing between drugs method to being a highly functional addict worked perfectly. Sure, I had a few instances where I’d get a couple hundred 10mg yellow norcos and binge on them enough to experience some mild withdrawals, but I was always able to be done when I ran out. It was my once or twice a year treat I’d do after the first snow fell onto Detroit. I’d lock myself in a room and play video games.
I would DJ downtown at the clubs throughout my twenties, and got it in pretty hard. Ain’t no party like a Detroit party... It was the rave scene. Which was still going strong in the D back when I was first introduced to it in 2002. I was a kid in a candy store - mixing savage amount of drugs for about 15 years straight. We would always carry this vile filled to the top, containing cocaine, MDMA, 2C-i and ketamine. That vile was what me and my boy (who was my partner in both DJaying and crime) would consider our nightly driver, and we perfected its ratio as if we were working on the cure for fucking cancer. This of course was including whatever other drugs we could get our hands on because after all, there are starving kids in China.
For the longest time in that scene it was all just partying and candyflipping. Hundreds of nitrous tanks, psychedelics, ethenogens, phenethylamines, trimethylamines and girls 😍. Sex drugs and techno. The only thing that was missing in excess were the opiates. Even at the after hours clubs, where anything goes, they still wouldn’t allow open opiate use. I should have taken that as a huge sign. When criminals don’t even tolerate junkies that says a lot.
By the time I was 28 I had made a lot of money dealing drugs, weed and selling thousands of nitrous balloons balloons at parties. We’d take our money and put 20% overhead toward the next party and this went on for years. I would say nitrous oxide was the drug that crossed me over to the dark side. They call it hippy crack for a reason. Despite that, I had my house paid off. Three ridiculously loud vehicles paid off. Campers, boats you name it. I had it all and I completely got away with it too. After one too many binges it was time I hung up my decks and headphones. I squirted one into my wife and I was ready to grow up. I was tapped out.
I’ll admit I wasn’t ready to be a dad. I tried my hardest to be clean. I did it for the first 8 months of his life. But I couldn’t run my medical marijuana business and be a stay at home dad without cocaine. Especially with a 20 year hangover. And cocaine makes people insufferable and sleep deprived. Then the alcohol got bad too. I crashed a couple times and eventually got a DUI.
Being the model addict I was determined to beat the system. “They can’t deny a prescription”, I thought. I was determined to stay fucked up. So in August I see my probation officer with my OxyContin script in hand. And before I show him he says, “You’re done. You passed all your drug tests (phew!) and haven’t been a pain in my ass, so enjoy the rest of your summer”
Sometimes I wonder where I’d be if I just tossed that script away. I certainly wouldn’t be writing this living out of a 2004 beat up Impala. But there’s no going back now. My ex who hilariously decided to become a cop had enough of me once our shared last name made it into the system. I came home one day to a note and my family was gone. Just me and my things.... and 120x 80mg OxyContin....
By the time the bottle was gone I was already lining up my dope. I forgot to mention that I always dabbled with a couple packs here and there throughout my party days. I actually shot dope when I was 16 and my ex wife (who was just my high school sweetheart then) found out and warned me then... “Opiates or me”. In hindsight, I always knew she left because of that script. But I played the victim at the time because you all know what time it was...
Nothing numbs pain like heroin. So instead of doing the right thing, I slept. I had enough money to support that habit for three years. Within a month I got up to 3 grams of tan powder per day. Just snorting it tho... you know... because I didn’t want to be a junkie... lol
My partner in crime and his girl were already one year in. They showed me the ropes and eventually when I lost custody of my son they helped me tie off. To this day I close my eyes and say “mmmm” when I see blood rush back into a syringe. Slowly we melted away from everything we loved. And the dope started getting whiter...
I remember the first time I shot fentanyl. I woke up in a bathtub with eyes staring at me in horror. And the only thing I said was “give me more”. Only my buddy laughed. He’ll always be my evil twin and I’ll always be his. We all got fired from our jobs. I was supporting us all with my harvests until my buddy got his monthly insurance payout check and he’d reciprocate. Eventually we realized (after his girl crashed the car a few times) that we needed to level off. Every boy needs a girl after all.
Enter crack. There’s nothing in the world that will exponentially make you use more dope faster than smoking crack all day. Our daily order became one ball of each. We became fiends. Racing thru the drugs. Accusing each other of stealing our hits. Carpet surfing. My buddy’s girl started tricking behind his back. The spots got darker and grimier. The bandos and traps smelled of death. Sometimes we couldn’t wait til we got home and we’d get stuck in the traps for days. Walk in with cash and walk out with the trauma of seeing someone OD and just get rolled under the floorboards. That was the moment I woke up. This is not me. That was someone’s daughter. Just thrown away like trash.
Didn’t stop me from figuring out what the deep web had to offer though. Finally I could just stay home and never have to see that horrible shit again. I found a vendor that was perfect and for a year I sat in bed shooting pure fentanyl and fishscale. God bless bitcoin and darknetmarkets. I got into all the analogues too. FuFent, BuFent, tried doing 4isoButryl to quit. It made me violently ill. And eventually my vendor hit me up and said he had a line on carfentanil. I told him no way.... at first. Then he assured me it was properly cut.
He sent me a tester. I sorted out a tiny little bump. Understand, by this time I was up to 3 grams of his “pure” (ya right) fentanyl HCL per day. At least that’s what his listing said. When I snorted that CF I fell out for 36 hours. All I remember is a massive tingling sensation cover my body and I was unconscious. Fast forward two months later and I was shooting 50mg of this premixed CF twice per day....
And then the DEA shut down the big three and suddenly he was gone.... Fuck My Life.... So just to let you all know, back then the word carfentanil wasn’t on the news describing imagery like tranquilized elephants. Nobody knew what the fuck it was. Let alone where to get it.... I had to resort to banging 5 grams of street fentanyl per day just to stay well... Finally I realized that this was no longer manageable. It didn’t matter if I grew a forest of weed to sell.
So I started my research and diligently sourced a rapid drug detox center in Royal Oak, MI. They touted a cure that involved putting me under anesthesia and flushing me out with Narcan and vitamins. “You will come out of this feeling like you’re in week 6!!” they said... motherfuckers....
So if you ever want to know what the precipitated withdrawal feels like coming off carfentanil look this place up. I cannot begin to even describe the agony of this experience. I literally have PTSD from it. Not only had these doctors never heard of carfentanil, they just rather assumed I was a stupid junkie who didn’t know what he was on.
I don’t remember this part personally, but they said that when they administered the Narcan I immediately went into a seizure. They administered some kind of sedative to bring me out of that, and when they did they told me I flopped around like a fish unconscious, until I woke up out of the anesthesia and they had to knock me out again. The only thing I remember is having these insane, physically impossible dreams. Like roads swirling around my head and falling thru the middle of them. Molecules of fire being shaved off by swinging pendulums. Just the weirdest craziest imagery I never thought was possible. Withdrawal dreams...
When I awoke I had ataxia. I had shit myself. Pissed myself. And god was electrocuting my soul. The pain was at apex this existence would allow. I managed to roll off the gurney and for some reason just started crawling. The nurses tried stopping me but my fight or flight kicked in. After 18 hours of hell they wheel chaired me to my nurse monitored hotel room where I had my suboxone stash.
That was the height of my addiction leaving that rapid detox. 5 grams of dope, a ball of crack and 5 Xanax bars was my daily purchase. I sold all my cars. Sold my house. Pawned every last one of my things I thought were so important. Went from 215lb to 125lb. I tried intentionally overdosing 3 separate times. But it’s really hard to overdose when you have that kind of tolerance. Water can only hold so much fentanyl, and a needle can only hold so much. Nothing is more disappointing in life than waking up from a suicide attempt. The shame and embarrassment of even trying just eats you up.
I’m not going to bore you with every home detox attempt, treatment center and methadone clinic. Back and fourth from dope to subs. Got up to 225mg methadone. Back to dope. Back to rehab. Back to subs. Back to dope. Rehab. Subs. Dope. Rehabs. Subs. Etc... Six USA treatment centers overall. Years of this. Three years of lowering my tolerance with each treatment. Relapsing when I couldn’t take it anymore. Giving it my all the next time.
Somehow I landed the love of my life during all this. My friends old gal. We went way back. Joked we really should be together. She decides to jump into my situation when I was 125lbs. She literally left the guy she lived with to save my life. I had never felt that before. Being wanted like that. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be here. She stood by the last two years. Run my baths and try her little heart out to get me through it. Well over 30 at home detox attempts she’d stand by me for 3-4 days and her heart would sink as she watched me just give up and head to the dope spot. It makes me sick just typing it. I tried kicking her out and ending things many times to rid the guilt of doing this to her. But this little thing wouldn’t give in. So I didn’t either. The only reason I include this is because as cheesy as it sounds, love really is the strongest drug in the world. Don’t worry that’s not the cure tho lol
So at my second to last treatment center out in California I meet this dude. Huge body builder but gentle giant. Sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He starts telling me about this crazy treatment he did down in Mexico that cured him. Naturally I ask, well why the fuck are you here if it cured you? “Well it cured my opIate addiction, but now I’m here for benzos and alcohol”.... lol
I let it stew for a while. I had heard of Ibogaine a long time ago and always thought it was some bullshit junkie myth. Ya like I’m gonna go sit in some tribal ceremony and let a witch doctor heal me with voodoo plants.
Then I hit rock bottom....
Fuck it! I’ve literally tried everything else.
Side note: I just want to add that up until this point I had always been a vehement atheist. I prayed to Sagan and put all my faith into science. But after living in a bathtub for a quarter of the last three years, I was starting to see myself begging god to make this stop more and more.
So I made a deal. If this shit cures my physical addiction, and physiologically repairs all the broken neurons, and rewires all the synapses in my brain like the research says it does, then I will not only believe in god, but I will know that he heard my cries.
So I find this beautiful clinic. At this point mom is paying for me to go because I’m homeless and broke and have absolutely nothing. She shells out the $4500usd bucks, praying for a miracle.
So I feel like a total asshole walking into this resort. I’m used to USA rehabs that are punishment based and have rules and treat you like children. This place was staffed with highly professional on site nurses and doctors catering to you like a baby. Fucking beach view. Personal chef. Netflix/Xbox/PS4. They provide free cigarettes!? Like where the fuck had this rehab been? They can’t find a vein on my body I haven’t destroyed so I have to get a central line put in for my IV saline bags. I was there for 5 days and they kept me well with 725mg of morphine per day. Then they tested my heart with an EKG monitor and I’m cleared for take off.
Suddenly it hits me. What the fuck has happened to my life.... I am in MEXICO 🇲🇽 with a PICC line inserted damn near into my heart, and I’m about to eat 25mg/ kilogram of body weight of pure Ibogaine HCL. Somehow I just knew inside that this was the end. That drugs got me into this mess and drugs will get me out. I mean it’s the perfect ending right?
Well upstairs to my room I go. Test dose. Feel nothing. Hour later. Flood dose 1. Starting to feel shaky. I sneak downstairs and get a few cigarettes in me. And I had to rat on myself because the time I was done I was FUCKED UP. Nurses helped me back to my bed. Scolded me in Spanish and gave me my 2nd flood dose. I’m vibrating now. Vision is barely possible. My body becomes a noodle. My bones are just vibrating. But there was no pain. Nurse comes in again. “Time for next dose”.... “ Are you sure dude? This shits reallly kicking in. “Here swallow. Close your eyes. Listen to your headphones. Flood dose 3 down the hatch.
My body ceased to exist. The vibrations of the universe shook loose every last opiate in my body. I felt like warm cream. I go unconscious. The visions appear. First my fiancé. Just appears out of a black void and looks at me. She starts balling. And then her skin gets older and she starts dying and decaying in my arms.
This goes on and on and on for about an hour and a half. My son. My ex wife. My mom. My dad. My grandma. My friends. Everyone I have ever loved in my life. I watched die in my arms. Which let me tell you is one thing to read in someone else’s story on a screen. But I cannot emphasize the gravity of what this did to me. It was payback for making everyone I have ever loved watch me die in front of them. Finally I understood.
Finally back to reality but suuuuper fucked up. My body is humming so loud I can hear it. Every time I close my eyes I see my son and I start crying. I hadn’t cried like that in almost 20 years. And I couldn’t stop. My eyes just wept for another half hour.
So that’s the subjective trip. But what does Ibogaine really do to the brain? Neuroscientists still don’t know. But they know it works. They know it resets the brain to a pre-addicted state. Research 18-MC and 18-HC and you will see that the scientific community is working on this Ibogaine analog to develop the same effect but without the trip. I have mixed feelings on this. If you ask the people who go through it they will claim god was in that experience. But that’s not good enough for some people. But I was willing to do anything. And I don’t think the god experience should be removed.
Ibogaine worked for me. It has been working for addicts for over 40 years. Maybe longer in tribal communities. Unfortunately, it works so well that rich addicts are using it as a get out of jail free card to just lower their tolerance and go right back out. But it is the miracle cure - just buried in myths, and advocates of suboxone and a bunch of other stuff that never worked for me.
That doesn’t mean Ibogaine should be a last resort. If I did Ibogaine when I first heard about it I would have erased half a decade of hell. So all I want to say to you is that it is the real deal. There are many reputable clinics in Mexico offering this treatment. The one I went to has successfully detoxed over 2,000 patients without a single incident. When I was there I personally witnessed 12 people kick opiates.
The main thing about it though isn’t the fact that it completely erases the acute withdrawals. It’s the fact that after you come out of it, you are you again. Your mental state is clear. You don’t have that cloud of “I’m a piece of shit” following you around. You actually feel excited and happy. No dealing with months of depression. And this place prescribed me Lyrica and sent me home with 3 booster doses of the Ibogaine total alkaloid extract. Which is different from the pure HCL extract you get for the big trip.
So far three weeks later I haven’t even touched my boosters. I walked back across the border on day 2 off opiates. And the day I left I also got to smoke the infamous Bufo Alvarius toad venom, which contains 5-MEO-DMT. I won’t go far into that because that was a very personal experience I got to have. But you can read about those experiences elsewhere. And let me tell you. That was the last puzzle piece in my head that allowed me to let go of all the evil shit I had encountered. I was finally forgiven.
Unfortunately my ex isn’t as forgiving as god... I got some work to do!
Be careful ya’ll. For those that got here, thanks for letting me share. And thank you for helping me stay clean. Love ya reddit.
I just want to say that Ibogaine is the cure for physical addiction / the broken mental state that lingers for months into recovery. Which in many cases is what causes people to relapse within the first 12-18 months of recovery. Ibogaine is a shortcut to the path of recovery that is lifelong. If you go home after this treatment to the same life, with the same environment, same people and seek no after care / support, you will relapse.
Also, thank god we live in a time where suboxone and methadone allow people to have their lives back. Recovery isn’t a competition. I had 8 months clean times thanks to suboxone. But I was still addicted to a legal opioid. I didn’t have a big boy job like others that required me to be well. Being a dope fiend was my job. I recognize that despite losing EVERYTHING, I was very fortunate and lucky all things considered. Unfortunately, to all the methadone/ bupe users inquiring about Ibogaine, you must be ~40-60 days off long acting opioids in order to do this treatment. If you are stable and have your life back then keep tapering down. Do not throw away your recovery to do Ibogaine.
God bless you all and thank you for the kind words and wonderful responses. I know it was a long one, so I am truly touched by the responses 🥰
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09-22 18:03 - 'Solving the Open Source Funding problem or how Free and Open Source Software can FINALLY be free!' (self.linux) by /u/thethrowaccount21 removed from /r/linux within 211-221min

This is basically a reply to this thread [Open-source companies gather to gripe: Cloud giants sell our code as a service – and we get the square root of nothing]1
I wrote a thread on this topic about 10 months ago here:
[Unpopular opinion: Until Linux/FOSS embrace the FOSS that became FO money, things like Redhat and Microsoft will only get worse until there is no more Linux community]2
I think that my post was a bit too early and the community may have misjudged my intent. But now that this subject is becoming more and more common, I think it would be helpful to bring it up again. The fundamental issue with FOSS is that the currency and financial system that we rely on for our everyday economy is heavily corrupt and unfair. Basically, unless you're kissing someone's ass you can't get funding.
This is NOT how the economy should run. What's the solution? Well the first step to solving this problem is to obviously switch to a non-corrupt financial system, so as to free yourself from the restrictive policies and financial limitations that are automagically built into our current system.
By switching to cryptocurrencies for your funding requests, spending and other needs, you will gain the full control and sovereignty over your funding that will allow you to grow unhindered by those who would maliciously starve open source projects by cynically cutting their funding opportunity unless you 'comply' with their demands.
Switching to cryptocurrencies is a necessary but NOT sufficient step. But once you make the switch, the entire world opens up and funding models that you didn't dream of before become not just possible, but natural. For example, Dash has been running a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) for the last 4 years or so. Unlike BTC which takes 100% of the block reward and gives it to miners, in Dash we split the reward 45% for miners 45% for masternodes (who run the only successful, decentralized 2nd layer services in crypto that other coins like BTC and monero are dreaming about implementing one day TM), and 10% for the budget.
That 10% is voted upon by the masternodes (who must prove they own 1000 Dash to show they have skin in the game) and goes to a myriad of different projects. Literally dozens of different teams are currently vying for funding in order to participate in the spread of Dash adoption globally. This is such a powerful effect, that most of them started as grassroots efforts like our efforts in Venezuela.
This is just an example of cryptocurrency providing a release valve in a high pressure situation: [Dash Core Says Its Cryptocurrency Is Most Used Coin For Venezuelan Merchants]3
According to data released by the company, 10,000 people are using Dash not only as a way to invest, as most people use Bitcoin, for instance, but as a way to purchase goods and services. Basically, Dash is cash. No other crypto has reached this level in Venezuela.
Venezuela’s high inflation has created a need for a currency that has some stability and Dash has been the answer that many people have decided on. In fact, if the data is actually right, it looks like Dash will be even more used than Petro, the crypto launched by the Venezuelan government during the beginning of the year.
There are hundreds to thousands of merchants that accept Dash in Venezuela directly (not via payment processor or gift cards). This is more than every other cryptocurrency in the world. Dash has more stores that accept it in Venezuela than BCH (the next runner up for adoption) has in the entire world - [around 1600 stores accept BCH globally]4 .
Not just Venezuela, but also [Dash Nigeria]5 , [Dash Haiti]6 , and [Dash Thailand]7 . No other cryptocurrency has teams on the ground around the globe like this. And the reason is because no other team has a positive, self-reinforcing financial feedback loop like Dash that funds proposals to further adoption. You can see of them all here [at DashNexus.org]8 . At the current price that is $USD 530,535.6 being paid out every month to projects in the Dash ecosystem. There are other funding models as well.
Once you've gotten financially free, then you can begin to investigate new and upcoming software development techniques that purport to pay developers like [Emergent Coding - What is Emergent Coding? by jonald_fyookball]9 TL;DR Emergent Coding is a new form of software architecture that, if it works, may allow developers to get paid for their work while releasing object code.
Basically, they take the current software architecture paradigm and flip it on its head. Now, devs write source and release source to their clients. This has the unintended consequence of giving the IP to the client and preventing the developer from capitalizing on their efforts in repeat business (because the client now owns the IP).
Well, Emergent coding is coding in such a way that you release object code openly as an 'Agent' which is then combined/glued together with other object code in order to produce a binary (that's not decompilable) that anyone can use while you maintain control over the source/IP. The glue they use to fund this is Bitcoin Cash. Before BCH, this technique wouldn't be possible using the traditional financial system. Emergent coding may or may not work out, but the point remains that now that we have cryptocurrencies, we finally have the chance to find out. All of which means you can rent out your 'Agent', get paid while still maintaining control over the IP, which means you can use software for repeat business like everyone else does in the industrialized world.
The point is that when you embrace freedom, the entire world opens up to you and brand new paradigms become available. The sky becomes the limit again, just like the first time you embraced Linux.
Solving the Open Source Funding problem or how Free and Open Source Software can FINALLY be free!
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Author: thethrowaccount21
1: w*w.reddit.com*li*ux/**m*e*ts/d*guw**op**sou*ce_**mpan*es_ga*her_to_gripe_**oud_*iant** 2: **w.red*i*.com/*i*ux/comment*/*sztk*/u*pop*l*r_**inion_until_***ux*oss*embrace_the/?ut*_s****e*red**t&**m_m*dium*use*tex*&utm_na*e=*i*ux&utm_conte***t1*f**hu*9 3: *itc**ne*ch**g**uide.*om/dash*says-it*-c*y*tocurrency**s-**st*used-coin-f*r-v*n**uelan*merchant*/ 4: ww*.r*ddit*com/bt*/com***ts/d50bwx/me*c*ant_*ond***because*b*tco**_was*meant_to*b** 5: *a*hni*eria.c*m/ 6: www*d*shha*t*.com/ 7: da**thaila**.org/ 8: d*shne**s.org 9: ww*.redd*t**om/b***co*ments/*5qhx6/*ha*_is_eme*ge***coding/
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[Discussion] CEO of SkinBaron (cashout site) makes a statement on OPSKINS and VGO

All credit to HostileHero, since I was totally unaware of this. 5 days ago SkinBaron, CEO of SkinBaron, a cashout site that is a very small competitor to OPSKINS, made a public statement in /GlobalOffensiveTrade about the potential risks in regard of OPSKINS and VGO. The whole thread was deleted, however thanks to HostileHero I received the text.
I will post the text here, and additionally some interesting information from the original thread. Before you read it bear in mind, that this is coming from a competitor, so you should judge how credible it is on your own.
Original statement:
Statement about "VGO on OPskins" from SkinBaron (competing marketplace from Europe):
Obviously OPSkins partnership with VGO is very bad for the CS:GO trading scene and for all companies that run an honest third party website around steam's skins / API. The reason is that Valve and/or the copyright owners of these skins will surely be very angry about this blatant attempt of a cash-grab. I don't want to go into further detail because everything has been said in this thread about why this is bad.
Now to the conclusion that we as a competing marketplace draw from OPskins decision:
There are two possibilities:
1) OPskins doesn't know what they are doing. They think VGO is no problem with Valve / anyone else and it will increase their revenue.
2) OPskins is with their back to the wall and this is their last straw (desperation move aka "Let's try this as a last resort") or even an exit scam.
Now let me explain why I am convinced it possibility #2:
Our revenue from CS:GO tanked 75 % with the introduction of the 7 day trade hold. It is now obvious to us that the lost revenue had previously been fueled by CS:GO gambling and the option to buy skins and immediately use them on a roulette (or similar) site.
We were not happy about the lost revenue, but we appreciate the demise of gambling from the CS:GO scene and plan to grow our revenue again with the people that the skins were made for: players and traders / collectors.
My assumption is that OPskins faces similar, if not higher decline in revenue in CS:GO and after losing the option to compensate for it via PUBG, they are now facing bankruptcy because they have their whole operation set up with projections of ever increasing revenue. It is possible that their cushion of cash only lasts for a couple more weeks / months and this move with VGO is literally either the last straw or an exit scam.
I know that these are tough allegations, but their move is so stupid and risks the future of all third party sites, so I don't really care. OPskins, you can sue us if you have any money left ;-)
I know that from an outside point of view it seems crazy that OPskins would go broke. You probably ask "where did all the money go?". OPskins has been growing at a crazy rate since their launch. Remember the times (not so long ago!) when they used to pay out paypal and bitcoin after 5-7 days? That was not because they had too many cashouts, it was because they had no money and used your funds (balance) for their growth, e.g. hiring new guys, buying hardware, office space, paying management etc...
It has been a ponzi scheme from the start with management pulling out money and getting investor money in through selling shares and then the shady WAX ICO.
The right and only way to run a marketplace is to have seperate accounts for the company and the users' funds and from what we saw we assume that this is not the case with OPskins.
Your money is most likely not safe on OPskins and if there is a bank run (which it looks like at this point), then the last people to withdraw won't get anything.
I'm happy to answer any questions. And please don't roast me too much, it's obvious that we profit from stupid moves from OPskins, but right now I am not happy about the whole situation because I fear that they have gone too far.
If the biggest marketplace went bankrupt it would be very bad for us too. This reddit community is quite small compared to the total number of marketplace users and if OPskins really goes broke then we will also lose a lot of credibility because most people are not educated about our system of seperate accounts and would assume that we could also lose their funds.
On a sidenote:
Everyone is talking about the "lost players". Please note that gambling / trading sites run A LOT of bots and most of these bots are "in game". For example SkinBaron runs several hundred bots which are at all times "Playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive". - Less third party sites - Less active players. So it is not true that so many players left, a big part of the decline is due to the departure of the gambling scene from CS:GO.
Selected comments:
*How do you think valve will react to VGO?
It totally depends on the success of VGO:
Think about it this way: What they do is essentially the same as if Amazon created an extra category for fake watches / clothing / etc... and promoted it on their front page as the better deal than the original brands.
In my opinion, there is no "win" for OPskins here, it either fails or they are in trouble.
*Have you spoken directly with OPS?
We never contacted them and they never contacted us until now. They might contact us now because the statement is obviously very aggressive towards them and I guess they won't like that.
My definition of exit scam in this case is that they realized that their main business is losing money with the new "rules" and will have to shut down soon. So they create VGO to squeeze a couple more millions out of the market.
From a desperate point of view it might seem smart, because they don't have to give the money from the vcases and vkeys back even if their main business OPskins shuts down. And with OPskins being the only platform to promote VGO right now, VGO will be dead once OPskins is dead. So yeah, basically it would not be a scam but it would surely be misleading people to put their money into a project that will be with no traffic very soon.
And please remember that I state this as a possible scenario, I surely can't know for sure what they think. I only see that the VGO-move is shady as f*** and will not end well. Their "Mystery item" was the same, they removed it very fast after Valve shut down IGXE and Lootmarket because of their affiliation with gambling.
As someone here pointed out, they have a quasi-monopoly on the market. Even if they sold skins on the remaining third party sites like Bitskins (most traffic after OPskins), how would they cash that out anonymously? VGO might look like a good way to squeeze out some anonymous and not-directly-linked-to-OPskins-money for the owners.
Since they (Valve - I added this) can't prevent other third party sites from including VGO they might try to kill the whole third party market to keep their players in the safe environment of the steam market. That would also kill normal trading, which would be kinda stupid because the option to trade skins freely is one of the main reasons for the success of the CS:GO skins, but who knows what their reasoning is when faced with this strange VGO situation.
submitted by w0w1YQLM2DRCC8rw to csgomarketforum [link] [comments]

[Q] How to cashout CS:GO skins

After I've put some money into CS GO skins , Ive managed to get a pretty good profit . Now I want to cash out the skins so i get my money back , as i need it . From what i know , i can cashout with opskins .What do i use to get my money back ? I mean , which should i choose ? Bitcoin vs paypal vs the third method . I dont have a bank account , but i can create one . What are the steps and requirments to getting the money from op skins (like , do i need a bank account , basically , what do i need to cashout) . Is there a better method than OP skinS? Let me know . and just to be sure : op skins is secure righT ? Im pretty sure it is but i wanna make sure of it .
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Removed comments from Economics subreddits - 07/18/18

wow what a commie /s
Comment removed from /Economics - test822 - Created on 07/18/18 00:06:16 UTC - permalink
Very troubling.... That people are catching on
Comment removed from /Economics - wtf_is_taken - Created on 07/18/18 00:15:11 UTC - permalink
I'm certain that the Fed's concern is authentic!
Comment removed from /Economics - Tranejam - Created on 07/18/18 00:25:51 UTC - permalink
Our area has been a hot market, growing for the last 6-7 years, but it’s slowed down significantly this summer. Last summer, houses had several offers the day they went up for sale, but this summer there’s not much movement. We’re either in a bubble or just reached the max price in my area.
Still, our house “value” (theoretical until someone actually forks over the money) is 43% higher than when we bought it 5 years ago. Can’t say we would fork over that kinda cash if we were just buying now.
Comment removed from /Economics - BiffyMcGillicutty1 - Created on 07/18/18 00:33:54 UTC - permalink
I've got a house for ya..
Comment removed from /Economics - MrPractical1 - Created on 07/18/18 00:47:44 UTC - permalink
I wonder if that means they’ll renege some of these planned interest hikes? Probably not.
I’ll bet he also talks about how poor food service employees are treated as he tips 2%.
Comment removed from /Economics - GortonFishman - Created on 07/18/18 00:48:44 UTC - permalink
Incredible! I look forward to nothing being done about it.
Comment removed from /Economics - Yolo420dab - Created on 07/18/18 00:51:59 UTC - permalink
Really? And you are just now realizing this? Oh, that’s right...you are are a card-carrying member of the elite, so your life has been minimally impacted, unlike most of ours.
Comment removed from /Economics - smitty637 - Created on 07/18/18 01:11:29 UTC - permalink
The greatest period of economic growth in U.S. history was when there was no central bank. The Fed Reserve is a ponzi scheme.
Comment removed from /Economics - s4mu8l - Created on 07/18/18 01:11:59 UTC - permalink
they hurt more than they help. tax policy should take more into account than just the government's budget
Comment removed from /Economics - ThereIsReallyNoPun - Created on 07/18/18 01:22:13 UTC - permalink
Were? Latest round has just begun.
Comment removed from /Economics - guisar - Created on 07/18/18 01:41:32 UTC - permalink
You're right still today people are on some bad shit.
Comment removed from /Economics - SporkydaDork - Created on 07/18/18 01:42:53 UTC - permalink
No my friend, there isn’t. Eventually global wages will reach an equilibrium point. It may take 50 years to happen, but if businesses are shopping for the cheapest combination of labor and production costs, their tendency to minimize costs will force wages lower.
Compare this to workers seeking better wages with limited mobility (i.e. they may or may not be able to travel for better pay) and you can see pressure to keep wages higher.
The interplay of these two forces will always mean that eventually wages will be similar everywhere.
Comment removed from /Economics - StormCrow1986 - Created on 07/18/18 01:48:40 UTC - permalink
It'll be real troubling when the guillotines come out
Comment removed from /Economics - maahhkus - Created on 07/18/18 01:57:34 UTC - permalink
That assumes social factors won't interfere. Inefficiencies in the economic development of some countries will negatively affect wages, wars will change the economic standing of some countries and facilitate migration, someone in a particular country will develop technology that drives their economy, etc. Economies are not static, and there will always be outside forces that prevent an equilibrium from forming naturally. On its own, the ocean would eventually stop making waves: but external forces like the tide or geothermal vents will continue influencing it for the foreseeable future. Same thing with economics.
Comment removed from /Economics - lordderpingtonthe3rd - Created on 07/18/18 02:04:19 UTC - permalink
But muh trickle downs
Comment removed from /Economics - antman152 - Created on 07/18/18 02:09:40 UTC - permalink
Heck, this keeps up and they may have to downgrade to 'Concerning'.
Heck, we may even see, in our lifetime, a drop to Vexing.
Truely, a historic moment in time.
Comment removed from /Economics - alanthar - Created on 07/18/18 02:13:34 UTC - permalink
Douglas Holtz-Eakin; Former Chairman of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors (Bush) & Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office (Republican Congress) said in 2014 that income inequality needed to be addressed at the national level but it wouldn't happen because it had become a partisan political issue - making compromise impossible.
In 2014 Alan Greenspan (Former Chairman of Fed Reserve) & Christine Lagarde (Director of the International Monetary Fund) both addressed income inequality at the National Association for Business Economists.
Greenspan called income inequality "the most dangerous trend affecting the US", and Legarde said "rising inequality and economic exclusion can have pernicious effects"
The NABE's own membership have called for government economic policy to address income inequality because several large businesses refused to acknowledge its existence and were spending more money trying to fight it than a solution would cost.
They aren't "just now realizing" it, they just know that it's political suicide to bring it up while Republicans are in charge - even if they are Republicans.
Comment removed from /Economics - meauho - Created on 07/18/18 02:13:56 UTC - permalink
NAFTA had a negligible effect on employment and wages while it improved net economic welfare.
Comment removed from /Economics - lalze123 - Created on 07/18/18 02:14:32 UTC - permalink
Today is the 100th anniversary of the logical outcome of extreme income disparity: a small number of people shot and thrown down a mineshaft.
I'm not saying that's an ethical or good way of responding to this problem, but it's certainly one standard outcome when it's allowed to go on too long and to a great extent.
Comment removed from /Economics - tomdarch - Created on 07/18/18 02:16:00 UTC - permalink
What is the Federal Reserve saying?
Comment removed from /Economics - cyber_rigger - Created on 07/18/18 02:18:06 UTC - permalink
Mercantilism is the only way! /s
Comment removed from /Economics - mustdashgaming - Created on 07/18/18 02:30:02 UTC - permalink
Wow. Does the federal reserve chair have any thoughts on massively devaluing our currency, bailing out big banks, or fucking with the US economy over and over again with decisions made from unelected officials?
Comment removed from /Economics - waffleezz - Created on 07/18/18 02:32:50 UTC - permalink
I live in Iowa - it's a sellers market on the Iowa side of the river. There are a lot of people moving out of Illinois - something about taxes and unfunded government liabilities...
Comment removed from /Economics - Sam_Fear - Created on 07/18/18 02:37:50 UTC - permalink
Jerome Powell: Man of the People. I guess they did the math and figured out they've screwed the workers so bad there's nothing left to steal from them.
Comment removed from /Economics - wwwwho - Created on 07/18/18 02:44:36 UTC - permalink
Come on the Fed Chair not understanding basic economics isn't news.
Comment removed from /Economics - beyond_hate - Created on 07/18/18 02:59:22 UTC - permalink
Comment removed from /Economics - goofzilla - Created on 07/18/18 03:00:31 UTC - permalink
really now
i'm shocked, this is new information to me
Comment removed from /Economics - DapperMasquerade - Created on 07/18/18 03:01:06 UTC - permalink
I hate long-run equilibrium arguments for two reason:
  1. Perot makes a good point that I think many people would miss. In 15-20 years, wages would equalize. But in the meantime, you've "wrecked the country" (his words, not mine). If harm is done to the country in that 15-20 year period, it's possible that the short-term harm is actually greater than the long-term gain. This is not NAFTA-specific. It applies to a lot of cases.
  2. By the time equilibrium would have been reached after one particular adjustment to some part of the system, many other adjustments, shocks, and changes will have occurred. Therefore, unless equilibrium will be reached quickly (my guess is less than 1 year is probably safe) then you run the risk of the equilibrium you planned for never materializing at all, and something else taking its place. The global economy is a big, chaotic, dynamical system. Shit happens outside of the one particular market you happen to be looking at.
Comment removed from /Economics - nerdponx - Created on 07/18/18 03:04:18 UTC - permalink
I'm sorry. Just trying to maximize efficiency and remove that deadweight loss yknow
Comment removed from /Economics - WMSTEOOPAAFFWC - Created on 07/18/18 03:22:43 UTC - permalink
Yes, many of us are very troubled. Now what?
Comment removed from /Economics - neomech - Created on 07/18/18 03:25:25 UTC - permalink
Average annual wages for workers has increased almost every year, who cares if they make a smaller share if they’re making more money?
economics by the way 😬
Comment removed from /Economics - HitemwiththeMilton - Created on 07/18/18 03:37:55 UTC - permalink
Federal Reserve chair comments about ANYTHING regarding the state of the USA is ridiculous. -98% value of the dollar since the fed was established to add debt to every dollar printed. But its okay cuz no one is paid in USA currency, right?
Comment removed from /Economics - Anon48529 - Created on 07/18/18 03:52:26 UTC - permalink
You begin to see why cocaine wasn't just a rich person's drug back then
Comment removed from /Economics - SuperHighDeas - Created on 07/18/18 04:23:56 UTC - permalink
yes, but clearly we went the other direction for over 100 years, I'm asking how.
Comment removed from /Economics - SamSlate - Created on 07/18/18 04:24:15 UTC - permalink
Don’t suck Bilderberg, Rothschild and Soros dick then. These guys own most of the money in the world and just want to build a global government, single market, and take 100%. Federal reserve serves the Rothschild, the Rockefellers, not the people.
Comment removed from /Economics - boomBoomcandydoom - Created on 07/18/18 04:30:54 UTC - permalink
Its against the rules to point out the federal reserve has attached debt to every dollar printed, resulting in -98% value of the dollar since 1913?
Comment removed from /Economics - Anon48529 - Created on 07/18/18 04:53:12 UTC - permalink
i mean thats fine but how the fuck do you have a "substantive contribution" to a thread that pretty much says "hey this really obvious thing is really obvious"
Comment removed from /Economics - DapperMasquerade - Created on 07/18/18 04:55:17 UTC - permalink
You know you’re on Reddit when the “economics” sub starts pushing socialist propaganda.
Comment removed from /Economics - HitemwiththeMilton - Created on 07/18/18 05:45:06 UTC - permalink
Shut the fuck up Federal Reserve chair you literal fucking vermin.
I bet America would find things "very troubling" if we ever audited you.
Comment removed from /Economics - sweden_person - Created on 07/18/18 06:16:01 UTC - permalink
It’s referencing and addressing the public figure whom the title quote belongs to. Public figures are not immune to insult or criticism per Reddit rules, Steve Huffman said.
Comment removed from /Economics - boomBoomcandydoom - Created on 07/18/18 07:37:01 UTC - permalink
knuckle dragging Neanderthals
You're goddamn right there.
Comment removed from /Economics - AJGrayTay - Created on 07/18/18 13:18:11 UTC - permalink
Comment removed from /AskEconomics - microgrower40799 - Created on 07/18/18 13:48:55 UTC - permalink
You mentioned the word 'joke'. Chuck Norris doesn't joke. Here is a fact about Chuck Norris:
Chuck Norris does not need to know about class factory pattern. He can instantiate interfaces.
Comment removed from /badeconomics - Chuck_Norris_Jokebot - Created on 07/18/18 17:36:30 UTC - permalink
I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to offer myself of if I ever want to retire.
Comment removed from /Economics - stumpdawg - Created on 07/18/18 17:40:05 UTC - permalink
Terriers and Bariffs everywhere.
So does this mean whirlpool is sick of winning?
Comment removed from /Economics - stumpdawg - Created on 07/18/18 18:21:57 UTC - permalink
According to the article, LG's retail price went up by ~11% and Samsung's ~18%, while Whirlpool's prices shot up by 30% at Lowes. Consumers are looking at the higher prices and are opting to just not buy washing machines rather than buying Whirlpool's, so yeah, I think they're sick of winning, especially if additional tariffs on components continue to raise the MSRP.
Comment removed from /Economics - ddhboy - Created on 07/18/18 18:33:58 UTC - permalink
Or move to a cheaper place for retirement? Damn man, there are plenty of options better than killing yourself.
Comment removed from /Economics - zaccus - Created on 07/18/18 18:56:49 UTC - permalink
Cheaper place? That's not going to do me shit when I'm still working at 80
Comment removed from /Economics - stumpdawg - Created on 07/18/18 19:09:10 UTC - permalink
The COL of rural America is low. Its a lot lower than you think. A dollar goes so much further in rural America than it does in San Francisco.
My grandparents are almost 90 and they live very comfortably on Social Security alone. Just Social Security and nothing else. They recently bought a house. A very lovely home with a nice yard and garden. They're able to do that because rural Oregon is a very cheap place to live.
Comment removed from /Economics - Hyndis - Created on 07/18/18 19:18:26 UTC - permalink
And if social security goes private like the Republican party so desperately wants, then I lose everything?
My comment was hyperbole...but not by much.
Comment removed from /Economics - stumpdawg - Created on 07/18/18 19:30:09 UTC - permalink
Who could have known economics was so complicated?!
Comment removed from /Economics - ZmeiOtPirin - Created on 07/18/18 19:30:38 UTC - permalink
Social Security is a question of votes, not economics. Old people get Social Security. They would like to continue receiving Social Security. Old people all vote.
Any politician who wants to win an election (which is every politician) needs to pander to that voting block. This means don't touch Social Security. Its called the third rail of American politics for a reason. Touch it and die.
Comment removed from /Economics - Hyndis - Created on 07/18/18 19:33:27 UTC - permalink
Still getting my head around why people would want to retire...
Comment removed from /Economics - DxR77 - Created on 07/18/18 19:45:40 UTC - permalink
From the report itself, 8.8% of Asian millennials have > $100k saved for retirement. Far more than other racial groups.
I guess doing your homework and listening to your parents about what to major in does pay off*.
*Even though college acceptance boards discriminate against you, the odds are good you had to learn to speak English late in life, and your parents probably aren't college educated.
Comment removed from /Economics - whathe2016 - Created on 07/18/18 19:46:23 UTC - permalink
Mass genocide?
Comment removed from /Economics - Magic_Leather_Jacket - Created on 07/18/18 19:46:38 UTC - permalink
But it's going insolvent by 2030-2040, right after the average Boomer being statistically dead. It's a problem, but they're literally fighting to the death to keep unfunded entitlements that their children both have to pay for and likely won't see.
Comment removed from /Economics - cavscout43 - Created on 07/18/18 19:46:53 UTC - permalink
I was thinking old age.
Comment removed from /Economics - HTownian25 - Created on 07/18/18 19:47:51 UTC - permalink
Funny enough, this likely plays into why rural areas tend to be more conservative (as well as the educational differences).
That being said, I absolutely would ditch large urban metros when retirement age rolled around. Save for a Manhattan/Hawaii retirement, then move to rural Idaho or something when the day comes. Live like relative royalty.
Comment removed from /Economics - cavscout43 - Created on 07/18/18 19:48:30 UTC - permalink
wait...18 year olds don't have anything saved for retirement?? What a bunch of idiots.
Lumping a bunch of 18-37 year olds together and talking about statistics across that group is asinine.
Comment removed from /Economics - TDual - Created on 07/18/18 19:52:52 UTC - permalink
Well where’s the fun in that
Comment removed from /Economics - Magic_Leather_Jacket - Created on 07/18/18 19:53:27 UTC - permalink
You can still piss on their graves when they're gone.
Comment removed from /Economics - HTownian25 - Created on 07/18/18 19:57:12 UTC - permalink
I started saving at 25, wish I had started at 18, only one other person in my friend group is saving, a lot of them see it as something they don't have to worry about till they're older, I keep trying to tell them the earlier you start the easier it is, put away what you can afford to now so you're not playing catch up in the future but many people are more interested in spending now and saving later.
Comment removed from /Economics - redsalmon67 - Created on 07/18/18 20:07:43 UTC - permalink
Personally, I'll be defecating. Will save quite the sensory-overloading log for them. Palpably aromatic.
Comment removed from /Economics - Amplifeye - Created on 07/18/18 20:10:01 UTC - permalink
Not a fair comparison. Asian millennials are still from a demographic that was pre-selected coming to the USA from already well off families.
Thats like saying nigerian americans are better off because they are "Better". No, they come from families that are already doctors engineers and lawyers to get to the USA anyway
Comment removed from /Economics - ameriveaux - Created on 07/18/18 20:10:59 UTC - permalink
Comment removed from /Economics - MrFrode - Created on 07/18/18 20:11:28 UTC - permalink
Eliminating Medicare & Medicaid, maybe.
Comment removed from /Economics - Poguemohon - Created on 07/18/18 20:14:40 UTC - permalink
Basically this.
I’m a millennial. Born late 80s. Most people I know eat out almost every meal, go out drinking a lot, and travel internationally once or twice a year.
I think retirement is the last thing on their mind.
Most of these people don’t really understand the effects of compound interest. 6% a year ain’t no joke.
Comment removed from /Economics - deepredsky - Created on 07/18/18 20:17:43 UTC - permalink
Op trying to be racist lol
Comment removed from /Economics - edwardkirk1231 - Created on 07/18/18 20:18:07 UTC - permalink
yes good point, world population is therefore lower than 40 years ago, and our conundrum can be explained by bad boomers, not population crush
Comment removed from /Economics - pbrettb - Created on 07/18/18 20:20:19 UTC - permalink
from already well off families.
Holy shit you are clueless about the circumstance under which most Asians came to USA!
Comment removed from /Economics - whathe2016 - Created on 07/18/18 20:22:57 UTC - permalink
Educate me
Comment removed from /Economics - ameriveaux - Created on 07/18/18 20:26:51 UTC - permalink
6% is very, very easy to achieve as well. Buy an S&P fund blindly and let it ride for 6%. If you buy dips strategically, maybe you get 8 or 9%, which is the historic average for the S&P anyways.
Comment removed from /Economics - daviddavidson29 - Created on 07/18/18 20:28:36 UTC - permalink
That's a well known cognitive bias - we all think that our future self is much more virtuous and will have much more willpower (and money) to save.
Of course, fast forward 10 years, and you are still the same old you, still no money, but less time to save.
Comment removed from /Economics - bullpup1337 - Created on 07/18/18 20:29:48 UTC - permalink
No, just pointing out the fact that personal choices make a huge difference where one ends up in life.
And that it's not boomers, the rich or fill in the blank _________ scheming to impoverish millenials.
Comment removed from /Economics - whathe2016 - Created on 07/18/18 20:34:40 UTC - permalink
Yeah, but the guy above already explained how your sampling method is highly biased.
Comment removed from /Economics - edwardkirk1231 - Created on 07/18/18 20:36:43 UTC - permalink
That's what Google and Wikipedia is for.
Comment removed from /Economics - whathe2016 - Created on 07/18/18 20:39:00 UTC - permalink
Whew at least there’s that
Comment removed from /Economics - Magic_Leather_Jacket - Created on 07/18/18 20:42:03 UTC - permalink
More than one way to skin a cat
Comment removed from /Economics - Magic_Leather_Jacket - Created on 07/18/18 20:42:38 UTC - permalink
Lol no one can “buy dips strategically” repeatedly. Your overall returns will drop because your capital is underutilized (holding too much cash to wait for the dips), even if it appears your stock portfolio itself is doing 8-9%.
Comment removed from /Economics - deepredsky - Created on 07/18/18 20:44:04 UTC - permalink
Just gotta hope the boomers don't ruin the world any more than they already have before we can affect some change.
Comment removed from /Economics - wangofjenus - Created on 07/18/18 20:44:19 UTC - permalink
I've been fighting this battle since I was 22 making $40,000. I contributed from my first eligible paycheck and never stopped. I certainly do well now but I'm not making crazy money. But I'll hit $100k in retirement savings next month. I also never contributed a double digit percentage of my income.
I've been preaching for 9 working years now. Pale just don't get it. Many of my peers say "I can't afford to contribute." No you don't choose to. There's a big difference. It's pre tax money that you're getting taxed on. More importantly, it's almost always eligible to be doubled (or more) by their employer.
Comment removed from /Economics - x888x - Created on 07/18/18 20:48:41 UTC - permalink
Invest in crypto currencies now, and you’re set. When bitcoin hits a million USD, you’ll be scratching your head, or living the life.
Comment removed from /Economics - xvult - Created on 07/18/18 20:50:44 UTC - permalink
Why would anyone brag about having China's tentacles all over them? Good luck.
Comment removed from /Economics - InTheWhaleRoom - Created on 07/18/18 20:53:55 UTC - permalink
Wrong. My mother and her 6 siblings came here with less than $500 each (they were capped at that amount I believe). The 7 kids and my grandmother lived in name one room house in Taiwan. They worked hard and built their wealth. They all emphasized education in their kids. Almost all of the second gen went to good schools and made good careers.
It's a culture thing. When your family immigrates for economic opportunity, they don't easily take for granted their roots. It's not that "all Asians are good at math" as much as "Asians do math so they don't have to work in a Chinese restaurant like their first gen parents."
Comment removed from /Economics - optimus_maximus - Created on 07/18/18 20:54:59 UTC - permalink
So is this what winning feels like? Trump said we winning right?
Comment removed from /Economics - edwardkirk1231 - Created on 07/18/18 20:55:11 UTC - permalink
I sold most of my portfolio early 2017 to position myself to “buy the inevitable dip”. Instead, I missed an amazing year. I’m mostly all invested again, and who knows? Maybe now the dip comes and I get double whammied.
As they say, time in the market beats timing the market.
Comment removed from /Economics - Williale - Created on 07/18/18 20:55:43 UTC - permalink
submitted by throwittomebro to reconomics_mod_audit [link] [comments]

[PSA] Common scams & how to avoid them guide.

Wiki Page
How to look up a user safely and check if they're a scammer:
If the person is messaging you on Steam, click their user picture in the chat window to go to their Steam profile. Right click that page and choose "Copy Page URL" to make sure you have their real Steam profile page. If the person is messaging you on another website, there should be direct (not typed by the user) links to their Steam profile page. From there you can copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.
Then go to SteamRep and paste that copied link into the search bar to bring up their user page. If a user has been marked as a scammer or caution (on a SR member community) it will be listed on this page. It's possible that a user has pending scam reports against them but are not yet marked. To look these up, click the "Search SteamRep Forum" link in the "Search Engine Queries" section on the user's page. Each SR user page also has user-specific links to multiple trading and rep sites, use these rather than trusting any links given to you by a user (see #1).
Other things that indicate a probable scammer or scammer alt account are low games playtime, low backpack value (when buying expensive items), few other games on Steam, private account, and low account age (which shows on their SR page). A lack of fluency in English is also a possible warning sign, but shouldn't be used as a sole reason not to trust someone.

Common Scams

  1. Fake Phishing Links One of the most common scams, this is a technique used by many, even outside of the game. Phishing links look like links to familiar websites, but are actually imitation websites that try to trick you into giving them your account details (Steam and/or email username and password) or download malware that will take your details/control of your computer. With these details the phisher can gain control of the account and lock you out of it by changing account details, then move your items and steam wallet funds to one of the phisher's accounts. Phishers can contact you through Steam, trade sites, and even email so always be careful to check before you click links. Even better is to not click links at all, and navigate to the real page yourself by searching (see top for details). Additionally, a chrome extension written by dmn002 will block several known misspelled websites, but it won't stop all of them. For Firefox users, Jeesecar96 made a userscript to block phishing sites.
  2. Quickswitching This involves the victim thinking they're getting one item but gets another instead. While in a trade, a scammer will put up the desired item. Without the victim noticing, he'll quickly switch it to another item of less value that looks similar. A common attempt is switching an expensive unusual hat with a much cheaper unusual version of that hat; the item will look the same in the trade window but have a different effect. The item might also be renamed so that chat window of the trade that updates when items are removed/added looks less suspicious. After trading, the victim is left with the switched item. This scam often involves misdirection; they'll ask a question in Steam chat so the victim switches windows and then the scammer will swap the item while the victim is typing. They might also ask the victim to add another item or remove one of them, or add and remove many items themselves to mask the visible chatlog from showing that they've switched the item. With updates to Steam trading this has become easier to notice. Any change in items is shown in the trade chatlog and any change after you have readied up on the trade will stop you from accepting the trade. Always take your time in trades, and double check all items after you have clicked "ready".
  3. Bait and Switch 2 complicit scammers go on a trade server, a trade site, or possibly contact people directly. The first advertises that they are paying a very high amount for a specific item (usually rare but not a requirement), a lot more than it is actually worth. The second advertises selling that exact item, for more than it is worth but for less than the other scammer is offering. They pretend to be unaware of each other, hoping that someone gullible will try to make a quick profit by buying the overpriced item from the second scammer with the intent to sell to the first. Once the item has been sold to the victim for the inflated price the two scammers leave the server, close their listings, or block the victim, leaving the victim stuck with the item.
  4. Lending A scammer may ask to borrow a specific item for a short period of time (usually giving some flattering reason to the victim). After the item is given, it won't be returned. Scammers will take advantage of online acquaintances this way if given the chance. Never lend an item you aren't willing to lose to find out if your "friend" is a scammer.
  5. Trading Outside Steam A scammer may offer to purchase a victim's item with something that won't fit in the trade window (usually cash or game codes). They'll ask the victim to go first and claim that they'll give the payment separately after they have the item. Once they have the victim's item they'll simply block the victim. Many times the offer will be very high to attract victims with more greed than sense. If something seems too good to be true it likely is. This is also sometimes accompanied by a fake link (see #1) for rep to show why they deserve to go second in the trade; never trust links the other person gives you. Instead of a fake link, the scammer may impersonate a trusted trader in which case the links would be correct but not belong to the scammer's account. Looking up the potential scammer's info as detailed above (not using the links given to you) can make the impersonation obvious. Always double check before a transaction. There are legitimate transactions with legitimate traders that happen partially outside the trade window, but the possibility of being scammed is very high. SteamRep maintains a list of trusted middlemen, which act as a neutral party to hold the Steam-tradable side of payment while the rest is transferred. Even with a trusted middleman in a cash trade you can still be scammed (see #7), so be careful.
  6. Middleman Injection After a trade that takes place partially outside Steam has been agreed to, a middleman needs to be chosen. The scammer will suggest a trusted middleman that checks out correctly on SteamRep. However, once the victim agrees to the middleman a fake account pretending to be that middleman adds the victim. Once the unaware victim completes their side of the transaction, believing that they are using a trusted middleman, both the scammer and accomplice will delete and block them while keeping the stolen goods. Make sure you personally add the middleman yourself, and independently verify the identity of the person who added you using the instructions above (look up both accounts on SteamRep and compare). If you're not listed in the friends list of the actual trusted middleman, you're dealing with a scammer. You need to check the MM out yourself - that means you click on the MM's profile and copy/paste their profile URL into SteamRep and verify that it's the person they say they are.
  7. Chargebacks Funds sent over PayPal (and some other sites) can be "charged back", meaning that PayPal revokes the transaction and gives the buyer their money back. Scammers abuse this by making otherwise legitimate transactions then pulling their money back (sometimes months later) so that they get too keep both the items and the cash. To limit your risk of being charged back (if you use PayPal the risk will always be there), make sure the person buying from you has a long history of successful cash transactions without charge backs. Rep threads on SourceOP are trustworthy; to search for a user's rep thread navigate to their SteamRep page and click the "SOP" link in the "Search Engine Queries" section. Comments on one's Steam profile should not be considered rep as they are easily faked and any negative comments can be deleted by the user. It is recommended that (for maximum risk avoidance) that the buyer's cash rep (from a trusted source) should extend far beyond 90 days in the past. Ideally you should never sell to someone with lots of cash rep that only goes back 90 days or less because this is the most common charge back window for PayPal purchases. As a rule of thumb for selling anything of major value, ignore any cash rep made in the last 90 days and ideally their older cash rep should definitely total more than what the current transaction is. This indicates that they are invested in their rep and aren't gaining more by possibly choosing to charge back than they are giving up in historical reputation they've built up. MoneyPak and Bitcoin do not allow for charge backs, these are safer alternatives.
  8. Gambling Any betting or gambling game that relies on trust that the losing party will pay up has the possibility of that party simply choosing not to pay. This is considered scamming. To avoid this, use a trusted middleman to hold each party's items before the game begins. Because any middleman can theoretically scam you the same way once he has your items, be careful who to trust (see #5).
  9. Money Transfer within Steam Many times scammers will attempt to convince the victim that money can be sent directly over Steam, usually as part of some other trade. This is a variant of #5 which relies on the victim not being familiar with Steam Trade/Offers/Market. They may put something in the chat that appears to be an automated payment message or simply convince you that it will happen. The only way currently that money (as Steam wallet funds) can be transferred in Steam is through the Steam Community Market. It cannot be transferred as a result of a trade in Steam or through the Steam Offers interface. If you ever feel unsure about a trade, take a step back and research it. Valve puts out FAQs on all of their trading methods that are explicit about what is allowed and what is not.
  10. Email Verification Scam The scammer will as you to either forward the trade confirmation link, the trade decline link, or a screenshot of your email that contains these. Do not do so.
  11. False Trade Links on Profiles The scammer will have a Trade Link on his profile readily available, hoping that you will click on the link to offer your item for his. His main profile will contain the item you want, e.g. a Sapphire Flip Knife. You check his inventory and confirm that he has the knife you want, then you would click the trade link on his profile, which would lead to a profile that is completely identical to the profile with the sapphire, the only difference being that his Sapphire Flip Knife is now a Phase 4 Flip Knife. You, wanting to make $20+ Profit, will put his Phase 4 Flip Knife into the trade window, not noticing that the Flip Knife has changed from a Sapphire to a Phase 4. The same goes for different Float Values or conditions (He could have a Field-Tested Vulcan instead of the Factory New one you wanted from him) Always inspect the item you are trading for and double check the item description. Always be suspicious when you are making profit that you know you shouldn't be, sometimes it's a scam, sometimes it's legit. Be alert.
  12. Friend impersonation scam During trade negotiations, the scammer will agree to the trade only if you briefly give the item(s) to a person of your choice on your friends list, who would then return them to you so you could make the trade. Once you trade away the item, a steam account impersonating you will try to get the item(s) from your friend. This form of impersonation is especially effective because your friend has no reason to be suspicious and is likely not aware of common scams, and so more likely to fall for the act. If someone asks you to trade an item to a friend and back for any reason, it's almost certainly a scam attempt.
  13. Verify items scam The scammer will ask you to trade your items to an IRL friend your trust to "verify" the items or to prove that you are trustworthy. The scammer then copies your name and avatar and proceeds to invite your friend to trade and makes off with the items. Scammer's may also ask you to send your items to a "trustworthy middleman" for "inspection", but however trustworthy they may appear to be, they are in on the scam and out to steal your items.
  14. Glimmer Drop The user trades an item that appears to be worth a lot on the Steam Community Market, however the item is one of the few on the market and it's actual value is next to nothing. This is frequent amongst "autographed Dota items" which are unique and have never sold for large amount on the market. Another variant is the scammer tells you they will trade their high valued items or keys for an item on the steam community market and asks you to purchase it. This item is actually owned by the scammer's alt account, they then leave without fulfilling their end of the deal.
  15. Fake Gambling website scam A website that is seemingly authentic (usually the source code is taken directly from a legitimate/popular betting site) is set up to scam users in various ways. They may claim to an admin of the site and prove so by altering it (remember - it's a fake site) and make an agreement to rig a "bet" or "pot" and split the money with you, the scammer then takes your items either via the fake site's bot or a direct trade. Promises of guaranteed wins or a trades involving the fake site's currency may also be involved. Always verify any website someone links you. If it seems fishy avoid the user altogether.
  16. Fake bot / Impersonation of a gambling site bot Common with marketplaces such as OPSkins and gambling sites. Make sure the bot has the code which matches the one provided on the site itself. These scams may be random or targeted when a scammer is aware someone is about depost skins on to the site.
Variants of the above happen all the time, and new scams are always being thought up. Be careful! Never rush into trades, especially if they seem too good to be true. Take the time to ensure that you won't be scammed.

Reference Links:

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T.E.C. 3001 0.5 Key
Talisman Prologue 0.5 Key
Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum 0.5 Key
The Blue Flamingo 0.5 Key
The Bridge 0.5 Key
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 1 Key
The Cat Lady 0.5 Key
The Chaos Engine 0.5 Key
The Culling of the Cows 0.5 Key
The Desolate Hope 0.5 Key
The Dream Machine (Chapters 1 - 4) 0.5 Key
The Few 0.5 Key
The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic 0.5 Key
The Guild II Collection 0.5 Key
The Journey Down: Chapter 1 0.5 Key
The Lost Crown 0.5 Key
The Mysterious Cities of Gold 0.5 Key
The Shopkeeper 0.5 Key
The Swapper 1 Key
The UnderGarden 0.5 Key
The World Named Fred 0.5 Key
Theatre Of The Absurd 0.5 Key
They Breathe 0.5 Key
Them - The Summoning 0.5 Key
Thomas Was Alone 0.5 Key
Tiny and Big in Grandpa's Leftovers 0.5 Key
Tobe's Vertical Adventure 0.5 Key
Total War: ROME II - Caesar in Gaul (DLC) 0.5 Key
Truck Racer 0.5 Key
Two Brothers 0.5 Key
Tycoon City: New York 0.5 Key
Type:Rider 0.5 Key
Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge 0.5 Key
Ultratron 0.5 Key
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 - Gold Edition 0.5 Key
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta 0.5 Key
Vanguard Princess 0.5 Key
Velvet Assassin 0.5 Key
Vertical Drop Heroes HD (Bonus: Halloween DLC) 0.5 Key
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage 0.5 Key
Volt 0.5 Key
Voyage: Journey to the Moon 0.5 Key
War of the Roses: Kingmaker 0.5 Key
Where Angels Cry 0.5 Key
White Noise Online 0.5 Key
Windforge 0.5 Key
World War I - Centennial Edition 0.5 Key
Worms 0.5 Key
Worms Blast 0.5 Key
Worms Crazy Golf 0.5 Key
Worms Pinball 0.5 Key
Year Walk 0.5 Key
Zack Zero 0.5 Key
Zen Bound 2 0.5 Key
Zombie Shooter 0.5 Key
Zombie Shooter 2 0.5 Key

I Accept the following as Payment:

(CSGO Operation Keys are preferred)

I Do Not Accept the following:

  • Non-Steam games
  • Steam game codes or links (but i can accept game gifts)
  • Trading cards
  • Backgrounds
  • Emoticons
  • Coupons
  • PayPal, Skrill or other payment methods (but i can accept WebMoney and Bitcoin)

Trade Conditions:

  • You must post a comment below before you add me or send me a trade offer.
  • I do not trade with private profiles and/or private inventories due to scammers and bots.
  • Prices are firm. If the price is listed as 1 Key, i will not accept 2 ToDs or 2 CS:GO Capsule Keys instead.
  • My Steam Trade Offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=42982031&token=zv976vzc
  • Untradable (recently purchased) game gifts will not appear in trade offers, so you will have to add me to trade.
  • For cash trades, untradable gifts or serials: add me, you pay/trade first and then i will send you the game/s.

My Steam Trader Reputation:

» SteamRep | Flair Profile | SteamGifts | Steam Profile (10,000+ trades made) | IGSRep Page
And check +rep comments from previous trades on my Steam profile and my other trade threads.
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[STORE] Max Value Bettin Skins + Selling Keys

Fragbite Masters finals tomorrow, DreamHack in 2-3 weeks, don't miss out on free skins. hue
Item WeaCondition Comment Price
StatTrak™ P250 Mehndi Factory New Sticker: Fnatic (Holo) Cologne 26K
AWP Asiimov Well-Worn Sticker: Rekt (Holo) 23K
AWP Asiimov Well-Worn Sticker: Aces High 23K
AWP Asiimov Well-Worn Clean 23K
AWP Asiimov Well-Worn Clean 23K
Selling keys for $1.89 a piece, I currently have roughly 1000+ keys in stock.
Taking PayPal, BTC and Swedbank (bank transfer) as a form of payment.
I'll do a small discount if you're paying in Bitcoin as I need some cash in BTC.
REP: /// CSGO Cash Rep /// SourceOP Rep /// Profile Rep1 /// Profile Rep2 ///
To this date, I have sold over 1500 keys to the redditors here, thank you.
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How to get CS:GO skins for bitcoins! - OPSkins HOW TO GET INSTANT CASH FROM YOUR SKINS! [skins.cash ... OpSkins Hack Funds  How to get free Funds Working 2016 OPSkins - How to get cheap skins + how to cash out instantly How to Turn Steam Wallet Funds & Skins Into IRL Cash ...

Skins.Cash is a global market for instant in-game skins sales, providing immediate and secure cash-out to gamers worldwide. A CS:GO player gets a unique chance to get all sorts of things. The drop system is designed to give every player some skins CSGO every week. When you have some extra skins in your inventory and need some cash, you can sell ... Valve, the Valve logo, the Steam logo, the logos and arts of CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, PUBG, H1Z1, along with all other registered trademarked logos, in-game items, and arts on Skins.Cash are the property of their respective owners. Skins.Cash is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation. Did you use skins or keys? ... (either original Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash), it will be assumed that you want original Bitcoin. Please trade safely! Note: this comment is for informational purposes only. It is not accusing you of being a scammer. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. level 1 ... Skins.cash macht es einfach, CS:GO Skins zu verkaufen: Wähle die Skins aus deinem Inventar, die du verkaufen möchtest, und erhalte das Geld in weniger als einer Minute! Endlich musst du nicht mehr wochenlang warten, bis jemand deine Skins kauft. alright so i saw you implemented bitcoin as a option to cashout. thing is though, since im interested in cashing out my 19.000 OP points via bitcoin, i wanted to ask why im prompted to send you actual proof of my identity since buying OP points via bitcoin is Anonymous. also since im kind of in a hurry with cashing out i wanted to ask why my ticket hasnt gotten a response. it has the documents ...

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How to get CS:GO skins for bitcoins! - OPSkins

How To (Actually) Make MONEY For Steam BITCOIN MINING NO SURVEYS - Duration: 4:45. ... BEST WAY TO CASH OUT GAMBLE SKINS! - OPSkins - Duration: 4:06. HardGlitcherzz 2,292 views. 4:06 . Ways to ... Bitcoins, a lot of people use them as their main currency a lot of the time, so today I will show you how to get skins with them as well! Make sure to follow... BEST WAY TO CASH OUT GAMBLE SKINS! - OPSkins ... (And Cash-Out) - Duration: 6:27. Harisunn ... Problem with withdrawing bitcoins from bitskins to a bitcoin wallet! (Help needed!) - Duration: 1:39 ... Thank you all so much for watching! A like and a subscribe is very very much appreciated! -----... How to Turn Steam Wallet Funds & Skins Into IRL Cash/Paypal (2020 Method) *Working* After Bitskins SHUTDOWN Instructions 1. Have steam wallet funds and buy D...